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Benefits of Pilates Method

Date Added: November 08, 2007 04:38:39 PM
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It is quite surprising to note that the Pilates method of exercising has attained a level of popularity in a short space of time. In a study conducted from 2000 to 2004 in the United States of America, the number of Pilates followers has increased by as much as 500%. People who are interested in the Pilates method have expanded from 1.7 million to more than 10 million in a matter of 4 years. This is quite impressive since the majority of the populace are always looking for new ways on how to improve their general health, which includes the mind and body.

Joseph Pilates was the proponent of this effective procedure of achieving  a balance between how your brain works and how your body functions. With the use of a mat and other recommended equipment, you will be exposed to the “contrology” concept espoused by Pilates. As you practice, you ought to keep in mind the six principles that form the foundation of this exercise – breath, centering, concentration, control, flow and precision. If you are able to exude all these principles when doing the workout then you would certainly derive the benefits as regards balance and grace in your body.

There is no recommended age for doing the Pilates method. All that is required is your willingness to perform the techniques involved in this activity. The Pilates method exercises the whole body, not focusing on just particular parts of the body. The problem with the movements concerned with traditional exercises is the tendency to concentrate only with the legs, torso, or arms, which fails to balance the whole body system. The Pilates method manages to provide the flexibility and strength that you will need to avoid getting into accidents or injuries. This is the uniqueness, which makes Pilates attractive to adopt as part of one’s physical regimen.

The objective of the Pilates method is to tap, reach and maintain your core strength. The center of your body, which refers to your abdominal muscles, must be enhanced in its utility and this should be spread to the nearest parts such as your spine, pelvis, and trunk, among others. Core strength is crucial in order that the other organs in your system work harmoniously without the tension that can bog down the body’s overall operations. You can expect to have a body that is graceful as regards every motion you make. There will be fluidity that is not possible when you observe other forms of exercise.

The benefits of the Pilates method cover the brain and not only the body. The breathing principle is an efficient means of releasing the tensions that build in your mind. A relaxed mind leads to a calm and healthy body. You can also avoid experiencing psychological illnesses in bearing a strong mind. For some of the loyal followers, it is more than a mere exercise but more a way of life. To be able to learn properly the steps of the Pilates method, you should enroll in a class where the instructors could help you regarding the various controlled actions.

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