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The Crap Burning Zone - now with extra BS

Date Added: January 06, 2009 08:16:12 AM
Author: Nate Rifkin
I just read once again about a fitness idea even dumber than "1 set to failure" (here comes the hate mail). The FAT BURNING zone. I love the name. But the idea of getting your heart rate to a certain level that automatically burns pure fat, or even more fat than usual, is crap. Your body loves to burn carbs - and keep fat around for later. This is why the no-carb diet can in fact work very well even if it makes someone feel like the living dead - which causes them to give up. So don't expect a "magic" heart rate to change your body's mind. Funny thing, Lumberjack Yoga, depending how you do it, doesn't raise your heart rate much at all - but it still burns fat. One man I know used it to drop 20 pounds in 60 days. Not bad considering he gained a bit of muscle at the same time. So stay away from anything involving a zone. Zone-FreeNate Rifkin
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