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Five Most Effective And Beneficial Exercises

Date Added: October 22, 2008 09:05:36 AM
Author: Richard Spillane
Five Most Effective And Beneficial Exercises
Walking is considered a cardio and a weight bearing exercise. By simply walking a few minutes day you are incorporating better health. You can increase your walking times as you build more stamina and even add incline to build and tone muscle. You can start walking without purchasing any equipment. You can use a treadmill if desired, they are available at your local gym, or you can purchase one for exercising in the privacy of your own home.

The Benefits Of Walking:
•Strengthens Your Bones
• Promotes Better Blood Circulation
• Increases Stamina
• Promotes Endurance
• Increases Your Lung Capacity
• Builds Muscle
• Burns Calories

As we get older, our bones can become brittle and fragile, causing injuries to become more common. The fact that walking is a weight bearing exercise is extremely beneficial to maintaining strong bones. Push-UpsPush ups may remind you of junior high gym class, where the boys all seemed to excel and the girls struggled to keep their body weight from touching the ground. The fact is, we all need to promote better upper body strength and push ups are the most effective exercise for doing so. Push-Ups are designed, when done properly to strengthen our chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles.

The Beginner Push-Up
Beginners can start by doing Push-Ups from a desk or chair, gradually working their way to the ground with their knees bent. The Proper Way To Do A Push-UpFace down, your hands should be placed just outside of your shoulder width. Your feet should be toe down and a smooth line should form from your shoulders to your feet. Your torso should remain stable while bending only your elbows to lower and lift your body.

The Advance Push-Up
You can add some more difficulty to your Push-Up by elevating your feet on to a bench or chair. This technique will work a larger portion of your body’s muscles, including your rear and legs. SquatsYou can work several of your body’s muscles in this one move, quadriceps, gluteals, and hamstrings are benefit from this exercise.

Doing A Proper Squat
• Keep Feet Shoulder Width Apart
• Keep Your Back Straight
• Bend Knees• Lower To Sitting Position
• Knees Should Remain Over Ankles

You should repeat the move in series of 10’s or 20’s and then move on to another exercise. You can always return to do more squats, but beginners should start out slow as to ensure they do not over do it. Abdominal CrunchesBy doing the abdominal crunches correctly, your abs can be worked in to shape in no time. The benefits are not only cosmetic, as strong abdominal muscles help keep your torso straight. You can reduce risk of back injuries through good posture and strong abdominal muscles will promote good posture.

How To Do Proper Abdominal Crunches
• Lay Flat On The Floor
• Place Feet Flat Down With Knees Bent
• Support Your Head With Your Palms
• Do Not Use Your Hands To Lift Your Head
• Lower Back Should Be Kept Flat To The Ground
• Contract Abdominal Muscles• Raise Your Head
• Slightly Tuck Chin
• Raise Head
• Raise Shoulders
• Raise Lower Back From The Ground
During the crunches, always maintain good breathing techniques, do not hold your breath.
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