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Best Exercises for Building a Better Body! A Scientific Approach

Date Added: July 27, 2008 11:57:11 PM
Author: Supanee
Category: Walking
Your main goal for building a better body is to look and feel as good as you can. To do this you must balance development in the upper and lower body. Even specific body parts must show balance. For example, you can’t improve your upper arms without also improving your chest and shoulders. Select exercises based on their ability to isolate and shape specific muscles. This is not as easy as it seems. On the one hand, you must do “whole body” large muscle exercises ? such as squats ? because they are very effective at toning muscle while helping you maintain body symmetry (size balance between muscle groups). However, you must also do exercises that isolate specific muscles and muscle groups. You can’t build a better body until you can choose exercises that target muscle shape as well as definition. Scientists have an amazing tool called electromyography (EMG) that shows how much muscles work during specific exercises such as benches, squats, curls and sit-up. EMG measures the electrical activity of muscles. Scientists place electrodes over a muscle belly. The harder the muscle works, the more electricity is measured on the EMG. By placing the EMG electrodes (pads that pick up the electrical signal is the muscles) on key muscle groups, scientists can tell which exercises are best for shaping and defining.
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