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Boxing for fitness and fun

Date Added: June 07, 2008 05:15:14 PM
Category: Martial Arts

Boxing is a highly physical and extremely popular sport. You can get into boxing, not withstanding your age or fitness level as it can keep you fit and active for many years to come. Of course, boxing also comes in handy when you need to defend yourself and get out of a bad situation using your fists. Boxing requires a certain finesse which keeps you apart from the common bar fighters or brawlers.

One needs to develop a certain level of aggression and motivation for taking part in any level of boxing. The level of aggression you want to display may vary depending on what level of boxing you are taking part in. Your aggression level may be very low during regular training bouts but you may drive it up several notches during a boxing competition. However, boxing is far from just the simple game of aggression that most people imagine it to be. Like any other sport it requires a high level of discipline and self control in order for one to excel in it.

The common impression that people have of boxing gyms is not all that flattering. People imagine it to be a dim, sweat stained place frequented by disreputable characters. However, everything that one sees in the movies is not true! Real life gyms are usually not like that at all. Boxing gyms are very friendly places most of the time and most gym goers are very amiable and lighthearted. There is a good deal of camaraderie among practitioners of the sport. So if you ever want to be in boxing don’t just throw away the idea because of the boxing gym you have in your mind. It is time you paid a visit to a decent local gym and see the difference for yourself.

When ever you want to start boxing, you first need a basic level of fitness in order to proceed. Don’t go straight for the intensive exercises at the start. It is advised that you consult with your doctor before you set out to start any boxing training, especially if you have not been involved in any form of physical exercise for a long time.

When you decide to start your boxing training, there is no need to spend a lot of money on fancy clothes and accessories. The most important thing you need is a pair of boxing gloves to protect your hands and your wrist. Most boxing clubs hire out gloves, but it is strongly recommended to have your own pair to ensure the right fit and also for the sake of hygiene. For clothing, all you need is a loose t shirt and a pair of shorts. For your footwear, any sneakers will do. The main thing is that you should feel comfortable and not restricted in any way.

It is suggested that you to have a sufficient amount of drinking water with you during training as boxing is a very tiring and exhausting sport. When you sweat buckets sufficient fluid intake is essential in order to prevent dehydration. A good sports drink may also come in handy to replace vital salts lost while sweating.  It best to choose a daytime slot for your training as this is when there is the least number of people around and you can practice at your own pace without feeling pressured. Don’t forget to make maximum use of your coach as they are paid to help you. Make the best use of your opportunity, put in your best effort always and you are sure to succeed in your boxing endeavor.
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