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Two Important Benefits of Walking

Date Added: October 22, 2007 04:00:13 PM
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Nowadays, most people are subjected to numerous stresses brought about by the fast paced lifestyles they lead. Although the advancements in technology are responsible for many of the luxuries you are now enjoying, the concept of modern living is not without its faults and/or sacrifices.

A significant portion of the total populace has become too dependent on the comforts that accompany their improved standard of living. In several cases, the health condition of people has deteriorated since they have failed to observe a healthy diet combined with a proper exercise regimen. A strict exercise program is not essential to keep your body fit but regular activities like walking can be enough.

Walking is a simple exercise anyone can do anytime and anyplace, unless you are physically incapable. You do not require special equipment, guides, training or to go to the gym constantly to perform this easy movement since this is natural for any human being. Through taking either long or short walks, this act already serves as a form of exercise for your body. There are many benefits to be derived from walking. This is the reason why doctors highly recommend this activity to their patients who would like to know what the best exercise they can do is, which is beneficial.

Walking is an effective stress reliever. This is a natural benefit that you will receive when walking without the need for resorting to pills to calm down your nerves. Walking relaxes your mind as well as your body since it eases the tension in your muscles. Every part of your body is involved in doing this activity and will be benefited equally. An anxiety-free person would experience more benefits of walking such as enjoying a good slumber at night and storing more energy in one’s system. You will no longer face a tough time falling to sleep at bedtime or feel sluggish in the morning.

Walking can also assist you in achieving and maintaining your desired weight level. You should be aware of the health risks associated in individuals who are either underweight or overweight. By keeping within your weight range, you will reduce the likelihood of suffering from different illnesses. Studies have shown that walking as exercise helps in minimizing the possibility of developing heart conditions, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other life threatening diseases. Physical actions such as walking increase the presence of “good” cholesterol in your body that prevents the risk of suffering from heart attacks.

To prolong your life, you should be concerned about the health status of both your mind and body. These two go together and any impairment in one will definitely affect the performance of the other. Walking is an inexpensive yet highly efficient way of keeping your state of health in shape. Young and old alike are encouraged to take a walk at every opportunity presented.

Medical practitioners advise walking for about 30 minutes everyday and you should do this at least 5 times in a week. Unlike medications, you do not have to get a prescription to be able to walk and the side effects would depend on how you go about this extremely straightforward exercise.

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