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Efficient muscle building

Date Added: June 07, 2008 05:13:02 PM
Category: Bodybuilding

You want to build muscles to look like superman, you visit the gym religiously to workout all of your muscles and a couple of months later, you still end up looking just about the same as you were when you started. Why?

The reason is simple. If you want to be successful in your muscle building quest, you have to understand the science of muscle building. If not, you will be wasting your time in the gym or worse, even develop injuries because you did not approach your workout in a scientific way. For example, do you know that there are a few different types of muscle fibers? Some of these fibers have the ability to grow big and give you massive increases in strength while other fibers known as endurance muscle fibers allow for sustained usage but generally stay small in size.

Now can you imagine what will happen if you spend most of your time in the gym working out these smaller type of muscle fibers? It is not these smaller fiber type muscles cannot increase in size; it is just that you need to train them a little differently. Your forearms and calves are good examples.

It happens quite often that when people do not notice any significant gains in muscle size due to faulty workout programs, And you know what? With this mindset you really won't be able to build big muscles because you will neither be working out hard enough nor finding out more about the science of building muscle since you think that you are in a hopeless at it. You need to put yourself in the right frame of mind as genetics is not everything.

 There are two main factors that will decide whether you are going to build bigger muscles or not. How smart you work and how hard you work. If you are working out smart and hard, nothing can stop you from getting that fabulous body which you dream about.

You must understand the science of bodybuilding and not just lift weights randomly. You must also know how to eat correctly in order to feed and boost muscle growth. A little knowledge combined with a lot of hard work yields the best results. You will surely be rewarded with a vastly improved physique!

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