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Why do you need a workout partner?

Date Added: June 07, 2008 05:07:37 PM
Category: Bodybuilding

The road to finding a workout buddy can sometimes be difficult but is not impossible, there are many different places and options for you when attempting to find the perfect workout partner.

Sometimes the most obvious partner can be right in front of you, do any of your family members or friends wish to start working out more? Does someone you live with, or your neighbor want to begin working out, they are only seconds away so any work out can be organized any time.

Do you have some co-workers who would like to get into shape? There may even be a facility within your place of work to make it easier for the two of you to meet, or the perfect workout place two minutes away.

Optionally you can take a visit to your local gym, full of fitness fanatics, you might discover someone else who loves to swim, run or bike, whom you could meet with every week.

If your search for a workout buddy seems too difficult and beyond your reach, you should at least make sure you have a friend that is willing to act as your motivator whether it be on the phone or over the Internet. Your friend can ask you each day if you worked out. It would be difficult for you to say that you did not, as you may feel guilty and most likely go out to the gym and complete your workout after all.

However, depending on a workout buddy also has a negative side to it. It depends on your workout routine and your personality whether one would be beneficial to your fitness regime or not.

Here are lists of some of the pros and cons that can be involved with having a workout buddy:

- Motivate and push you to achieve better results
- Spotter for weight lifting
- Can help with maintaining proper form
- More likely to stick with your workout program if they want to get fit too
- You might be more likely to sign up for a fitness class if you have a buddy
- You are more likely to workout when you have to meet someone at the gym

- A buddy could slow you down
- You and your buddy may not have the same fitness goals
- Your buddy may not be dependable and show up to the gym
- Your workout time may be your alone time to let out frustrations
- You might rather work out by yourself
- Working out with a buddy can be very distracting if your partner lacks focus
- Your schedule is not as flexible as it might be when working out alone

Workout buddies are not always the solution for everyone. You need to figure out what the best workout style is for you and what you require to achieve your goals. When you search for a workout buddy, look for one who is dependable and has like goals, in other words,
a like-minded person. The right buddy can make exercise more enjoyable and vitally complete those goals you have been striving to reach.

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