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Slowing down the aging process with exercise

Date Added: June 07, 2008 05:03:10 PM
Category: Seniors
As we grow older, our bodies feel how old we are. Therefore, it doesn’t really come as a shock that we feel less active and lively as we age. We've traded playing in the school playground for the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. We've been so busy working that our bodies don't get enough exercise and the results of it shows on our bodies.

An old saying, "Youth is wasted on the young", does not necessarily have to be true. With proper exercise and diet, you can return to the days of your active youth, feel and show the results of a "new youth" with a new and improved body, and new vitality in life.

Usually, active kids are characterized by slender and healthy bodies, and as adults we can imitate that approach so as to help our bodies get back to its state of being slender and fit. Doing activities such as taking long and brisk walks; riding bicycles can help us in our mission to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

We can feel a lot younger if we try and act half our age, but of course; simply acting like children isn’t enough. But with exercise and an active lifestyle, added to the fact that it makes us look and feel younger, it can certainly help you in reducing your body weight.

Regular exercising increases our body's metabolism, which means that our bodies burn calories at an increased rate. That helps in losing weight and adds more energy to our bodies.

Increase in energy leads to increase in physical activity, and in doing so, we generally look and feel younger than we really are. Active adults hardly feel their real age, and they can sometimes be even more energetic than some contemporaries, and even someone younger and less active than them.

In acting like kids again, besides feeling and looking young, there is an added bonus in that we can put added energy into useful and responsible activities. Just because you have reverted to active youth doesn’t mean you have to shed responsibility among others. We should reclaim the best parts of our youth and focus that added energy into something beneficial and good.

Start regaining your lost youth by beginning simple and healthy exercises along with proper diet. The important factor to remember is that age is not simply a number determined by a calendar. Just because you are over the age of 50 doesn’t mean that you have to give up your youthful activities and live like an old person. Because with the right exercise and health regimen, you can lose the weight you have gained and have fun doing youthful activities and other fun things for lots of years to come.
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