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Quick weight loss – the natural way

Date Added: June 07, 2008 05:01:14 PM
Category: Weight Loss

A methodical approach and a well-structured weight loss program can help you to lose weight quickly as well as naturally. One of the biggest reasons for people failing to achieve their desired goal in a weight loss program is that they fall prey to many quick-fix programs like crash diets and pills or are simply lured into buying some of the exercise gizmos which fail to deliver what they promise. I have already addressed issues like why these quick-fix methods do not work in the long run, in my previous articles and would not attempt to repeat them all over again.

Perhaps the only way to lose weight naturally and without any harm to your health is to follow a combination of right diet along with the right cardio and strengthening exercises. The question of what is the ‘right diet’ makes many people confused. So let me touch upon this topic in this article to help you lose weight through natural means.

- Enhance your metabolism: It is now scientifically proved that eating small and frequent meals helps in raising the body’s inherent metabolism. It is suggested that eating 5 to 6 small meals per day should be just right. This enables you to burn fat naturally, throughout the day.

- Though you re eating several small meals a day, you must be also cautious of your daily caloric intake. Remember not to exceed the calorie count more than what is needed for keeping you going throughout the day.

- Avoid some foods: Foods rich in starch content and processed flours are to be avoided. The reason for this is that these types of food are easily digestible. Thus these foods turn into sugar very rapidly which in turn is converted to body fat if the calories contained in the sugars are not burnt up quickly. It would be a wise decision to do away with fast food restaurants as most of the foods served in these places belong to this category.

- Dangers of sweetened and soft drinks: Now you know why these drinks are harmful – they contained high amount of sugar, which turns into body fat, unless burnt quickly. To explain this to you in terms of figures, you have to run on the treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes simply to burn the calories contained in a can of your favorite soft drink. Can you imagine your calorie accumulation if you were to have 3 cans of soft drink coupled with 2 cups of sweetened coffee?

- Avoid alcohol of any kind: Here are some astounding facts about alcohol. Each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories which have no nutritional value! Consuming such empty calories regularly not only plays havoc with your health but can restrict your progress in any weight loss program in a major way.

It is perfectly natural for you to think that this type of food regimen and restrictions would completely dampen your lifestyle. Do not fret over this issue as there would be some withdrawal symptoms in the first couple of weeks after which all your ‘sinful’ cravings would vanish. Once you have achieved this, half the battle is won as you would ‘naturally’ stay away from such temptations in the future.

While following these limitations and restrictions would help you achieve your desired goal in a weight loss program, if you couple this with adequate cardio and weight lifting exercises, you can expect a permanent weight loss – which you so dearly desire.
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