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Date Added: November 30, 2007 08:46:51 PM
Category: Yoga

Kapalabhati is one of the basic breathing techniques that will help you to clear your mind and relax your body. Physically it can clean out any mucus or blockage that is stuck in your airway.

In this technique you will be taught to breathe fast – but to stay in control of how you breathe. You will use your diaphragm (abdominal) when breathing instead of using your chest.

After sitting Indian style on your Yoga mat you will close your eyes and than take short, fast, and strong breathes. This will force your lungs to work as a pump that will build up pressure and help to release and excess air from your airways.

The next time you have a head cold or a sinus problem try this technique and see for yourself from experience how it can help you. It won’t take away any illness you have – but it can help you to feel a bit better and to clear your head.

Keep in mind that after a few short breathes that you take during the technique you need to take a few long, slow breathes. You’ll find that if you breathe to hard, too fast you could pass out.

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