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Yoga For Seniors

Date Added: November 30, 2007 08:45:11 PM
Category: Yoga

Many believe that Yoga is a relaxing exercise routine that is only for the young and for those who have flexible bodies. The truth is Yoga can be helpful for anyone who is looking to improve the health of their body. Even seniors are encouraged to take it up because they are more vulnerable to ailments.

Yoga is versatile and can adapt to any persons needs. It will help seniors to make their bodies more relaxed and their minds calmer. Yoga has also been proven to be a great tool that can help to reduce emotional problems and prevent certain medical problems.

One problem that most senior citizens have trouble with is their blood pressure and their nervous system. There are certain poses that will help to normalize the blood pressure and can help to balance and even improve the nervous system and decrease any risk of heart problems.

Even with all of this help seniors must understand that they cannot push themselves too hard. They should choose a comfort zone of what they can do and learn to stick with it. If they push themselves too hard they will reap a negative effect and may hurt themselves.

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