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The Benefits of Running

Date Added: November 19, 2007 08:01:25 PM
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Many people are active runners.  They use this as a way to lose weight and maintain it.  Running does not only help with enhancing your looks, it also gives you a health benefit that might save your life.  Whether it is running on a treadmill or at the park, running helps in the reduction of the risk of heart problems. 

According to some studies, running for miles will reduce your cholesterol level in the blood.  The best mileage to run for those who are physically fit is at least 4 to 5 miles a day.  Although some Medical Institutions claim that brisk walking for about two miles a day is the best running distance, the 4 to 5 miles have further benefits than the shorter distance. 

In earlier stages, when you’re just starting out, running should be done in moderation because even if the mileage was increased no additional benefit will be reaped aside from exhaustion.  Recent research shows that although moderate running still has benefits, the longer you run a day the more benefit you get. 

According to the study, running at least 4 to 5 miles a day can increase the HDL that helps in the reduction of cholesterol going to the heart arteries.  The HDL by the way is one of the body elements that help in moving the cholesterol away from the heart to the liver, leaving the heart safe from any heart diseases.  The LDL on the other hand carries the cholesterol to the heart irregardless of its effect.  The HDL and LDL are important factors for the body to function well, so balancing the cholesterol intake of the artery walls is the best way to keep the heart from harm’s way.  And running is a significant tool in increasing the HDL in the blood.  Therefore, the more you run the more HDL your body produces.  Take note however that women have more HDL in their body than men even before they start exercising.  It is important to know that because men have less HDL, they have more reason to increase their running from the 4 to 5 miles a day benchmark.  The above is true for those who are healthy and do not have alcohol and smoking vices.  For those who have continually consumed alcohol and cigarettes above the normal level, a physician’s advice is very important.

Aside from the health benefits of running, long running exercise shows significant changes in the body.  For those whose goal is to reduce weight, running 4 to 5 miles a day will quickly show a decrease in the size hip and weight will be greatly reduced.  The difference in results between those who are running for 4 to 5 miles a day and those who are not is fairly significant.  Records show that a long distance runner has around 25 inches of waist and hips that go up to around 34 inches while those who are active in moderate exercise like brisk walking at two miles a day have waist of 28 inches and 36 inch hips. 

Since running long distance can be exhausting for some, those who want to go this distance should consult doctors first to know if they are fit to run.

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