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Date Added: November 19, 2007 07:49:46 PM
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Moving on foot is the general way of moving for people. While walking is the relaxed and unhurried way of moving, the fastest way of moving on foot is running. If running should be defined on sports terms, it is the simultaneous moving of the feet off the ground. Anaerobic and Aerobic exercises are two forms of running. The entire body moves coordinately and complexly when people run. The motion of running is generally the same with everyone, although the way people run differs with each individual.

Running is a very popular form of exercise. This is due to the fact that when people run, about a whopping 200 percent more calories are burnt off their lean bodies compared to walking. A foot is always with contact on the ground in walking, and the legs are almost straight. Walking is not at all tiring because the motion is very relaxed, as compared to running. On certain distances one can walk for a long time. Running is actually tiring, because a person who is jogging is actually jumping from foot to foot. The runner raises their center of gravity, the heaviest part of their body, every time they jump from foot to foot in order to propel themselves.

The knees bend in order to absorb the shock of landing, and there are times that on the highest point of jumping both of the feet are off the ground.  The energy required to keep on doing this tiring and complex process is a lot. Calories are burnt off to ensure the continuous locomotion that the person is engaged in.

If you’re having a hard time running, don’t give up! Other people may make it look like running is easy, while you’re struggling to take another small step, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no hope left for you. It is easy to fix that problem. Try to make your body adapt slowly, and don’t shock it.

Some people may run for casual or social reasons, and some run to exercise. Most runners are included in the latter. Running does not mean that you have to be moving from place to place. Running is the motion, not the locomotion, and is an activity. Many also run on their treadmills, while some run on the road. Some may run for mere minutes, while some run for hours and miles and miles. People who also take their dogs for simple jogs are casual joggers or runners, and it is a great way to bond with nature.

Some people also run for racing. People who run for this reason aim to achieve the highest speed. They do not run for fitness, but for personal achievement. It is a high for them to see themselves set a record that they only know. And some actually run in marathons and other kinds of races.

Well, whatever reason you may have to run, there is one thing that is assured for you; you are really taking care of your body every time you take that step.

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