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Children and Execise Routines

Date Added: November 18, 2007 03:39:13 PM
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Obesity is a problem that many people face today.  Most obesity cases start as early as pre-school age.  The main contributor to this health problem is science itself, with the advancement of gadgets that keep people from moving about.  There are many exercise facilities today that cater for adults who are suffering from weight problems, but it seems that getting into the earlier stage of the obesity problem is being neglected.  The fact is, children suffer from obesity and the culprits are unbalanced diet and lack of exercise. 

To make up for your children’s daily calorie intake, a proper exercise routine should be enforced. You do not need to enroll your child in an aerobic lessons or gym classes if you are on a tight budget.  A planned one hour moderate exercise a day is enough for your kid.  Make sure that they get the one hour planned exercise for the whole week.  You can break it down to 30 minutes per activity if you are still increasing their stamina.  Although activities differ with age, you do not need a sports expert to determine the perfect exercise for your child.  

There are many reasons why you should encourage your child to become more active in sports and outdoor activities.  The main reason of course is health but the other things that depend on the exercise are the lifetime outlook of a child, physical appearance in their adulthood and discipline.   

Before starting on an exercise program for your child try to familiarize yourself first with the personality of your kid.  Since activities like sports requires interaction with other players, determining the personality of your child is important.  How they interact with other kids and the level of their self esteem can have a great impact on how they carry themselves and handle others.  There are two types of personality that you can find in a child:

  • Athletic – these children love sports and have the build to endure long hours of playing.  You do not need strong encouragement to make them join sports clubs and teams.
  • Non-athletic – Although there is no such thing as non-athletic children, this category refers to those who are active but not sports inclined individuals.  They cannot excel in football games, for example, like other athletic children but choose to play ball with playmates on playgrounds and other sports that are complex without the pressure of competition.


Knowing your child’s personality will help you determine what activities will fit them. If you want to have an active child, start as early as babyhood.  Kicking for example is a good activity that you should incorporate into your baby’s daily activity.  If you have a toddler, try making a space for them to crawl, run and jump at least an hour a day. 

If you are a working Mom and Dad, an hour in the park where the kids can play can contribute a lot for their active body.  If you are bothered with the neighborhood, installing a basketball ring is a major plus to motivate your child in sports or if not, in physical activities. 

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