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The Benefits of Running

Date Added: October 22, 2007 03:34:58 PM
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People look and think of running differently. There are two kinds of reactions from people. The first would be “I love running”, because you’re a health buff and you love treating your body right; and the second reaction would be “I hate it”, because you’re normally lethargic and don’t like waking up in the morning to take a run. But what are the causes of these reactions? And if people do have that habit of running, what makes them continue running?

Well, if people are educated with the benefits of regular running, it is sure that everyone will turn into loyal runners.
There are no negative reasons to why a person should not run. The benefits that people will get from regular running are endless. One of the most popular reasons as to why people run is to stay fit. Physical attractiveness is one of the most important things to people, and many people like to stay appreciative when it comes to how they look.

The other popular reason as to why people like to run or jog is to lose weight. People who are not satisfied with their weight like to do it the healthy way, the right and safe way, which is jogging and running, or any other form of exercising.

An individual who wants to remain healthy should exercise daily or regularly. Running or jogging on a regular basis helps people stay happy, because it is scientifically proven that people who exercise are happier due to the “happy hormones” that are released every time you work out.

Not only does exercising help out with physical looks, but it also helps out with the better functioning of our body. The heart stays healthy because of regular exercise, thus the cardiovascular health is improved greatly. Mood is also lifted due to jogging and running. People who have exercise in their daily schedule are often cope easier when it comes to stress. Better coordination is also a good result of regular and rigorous exercising.

Running or jogging is an excellent form of exercises, especially for the purpose of losing some unwanted weight. A lot of energy is required to continue the exercise, and thus a lot of fats are burned off when you run. The simplest way to lose the unwanted baggage is to run or jog. Doing yoga may be popular, but jogging or running burns twice, yes twice, the amount of fats that yoga does.

In fact in less than an hour of this simple exercise, the body burns off a lot of calories. With an efficient way of running, along with the intensity of a person’s way of working out, the benefits that the people can reap from jogging and exercising are endless.

So if you used to hate getting up from your bed or your favorite chair, well, think again. When you are older and you did not exercise in your younger years, you will definitely feel sorry that you didn’t. Remember, cardiovascular diseases are notorious in old age.

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