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The Benefits of Good Posture

Date Added: November 17, 2007 05:07:10 PM
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Confidence does not rely on what you know alone.  Posture has significant effect on how you project yourself.  If you are slouching and have your head stooped all the time, unless you have some health problems, people around you get the message that you are lacking in self-confidence and self-esteem.  Some people, although they know everything about good posture have the tendency to be the victim of poor posture themselves.  To check if you are on the right track, try standing with your back on the wall.  If your bottom, head and upper back touches the wall, then you are one of those who have a good body posture.

The benefits of good postures are helpful not only for the physical aspect but also for the health as well.  If you maintain a good posture, stomach in and chest out, you will instantly lose a few pounds.  A good posture shows a slimmer and more confident person.  On the health aspect, it will help in the prevention of pains like backache and headaches.  It will also keep you from suffering spine related health problems. 

To maintain a good standing and sitting position, always ensure that you are not hunching and stooping down on whatever you are doing.   Do not hunch over your computer, if you have eye problems buy a reading glasses and have mini breaks from sitting down.

The most tackled subject of body postures are the sitting and standing positions.  Numerous articles are all over the internet as are papers discussing how to maintain good standing and sitting position.  Although both are very important to physical attributes and health, sleep, which is also important has very few articles written about it in regard to posture. 

The most neglected posture is the sleeping form but this contributes greatly to the health of a person.  Most people point their fingers to other factors than sleeping form as the culprit for insomnia or restless nights, such as eating before going to bed or excessive caffeine intake. According to some medical professionals, sleeping on your stomach puts a lot of strain on your spine which can lead to backaches.  A good sleep on your side taking the fetal position is the best sleeping posture.

Another important factor is the way you pick things up. Some people forget to correct their posture when they are focused on the fallen objects that they are trying to retrieve.  If you are trying to get something from the floor, do not bend down from your waist. Instead assume the lowest squat position and pick things up without bending down. 

Another area that needs correct posture is when climbing stairs.  Some are too busy looking down at the steps and forget to check their posture. When climbing stairs, assume the proper standing position, no leaning forward and keep shoulders straight. 

To maintain good posture try to avoid carrying heavy things repeatedly on one arm, cradling phones between your shoulder and head, slouching while walking, and sleeping on your stomach. Use a cart if you cannot avoid lifting heavy loads and use wireless headset if multi-tasking.

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