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Safe Exercises for Seniors

Date Added: November 17, 2007 04:56:06 PM
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People often associate growing older with leading a boring life. This is a misconception, which many senior citizens are presently debunking. The aging process need not take its toll on your active lifestyle. On the contrary, you can enjoy your senior years as you have more time to do the things that you were not able to do before. It is quite common for those in their younger years to devote most of their days working and taking care of the family. It is only upon reaching retirement when you can plan the recreational activities that you want to experience.

Despite the advanced age, some form of exercise routines ought to be observed by all senior citizens. You should not readily accept the truthfulness of several myths propagated and passed on to the succeeding generations regarding exercise and older people. One of these is the concept that as one matures; the bones grow weaker or become brittle. Research on this matter disproves this connection to a certain extent. Although metabolism is expected to slow down over the years, inactivity is the main cause as to why a person loses his flexibility as he ages. Being afraid to continue exercising can make your joints and ligaments ache due to lack of movements, which your body may have been exposed to previously.

Strength exercises for seniors tackle the health conditions of your bones. A US university study revealed that the occurrence of osteoporosis might altogether be prevented with strength training that enhances an individual’s bone density. This is applicable to anyone of whatever age hence this is definitely good news for those older people who are concerned about bone loss.  Another benefit of exercises that concentrate on your strength is the reduction in the pain felt during arthritic bouts. Your metabolism is another area addressed by this type of exercise that can lead to a healthy level of blood sugar. This is advisable to avoid the possibility of having type 2 diabetes. Performing motions with the use of dumbbells or exercise bands are recommended for seniors.

Aside from strength exercises, seniors should also practice doing simple endurance tests such as walking or jogging, among others. This could improve your breathing and would benefit the normal functions of your heart. Seniors would usually be worried about becoming tired quickly when it comes to endurance exercises. The experts suggest that you can start with as little as 5 minutes everyday in taking a walk, jog or swim and gradually increase it. Flexibility even at an older age is essential and this is dealt with by stretching exercises. Being able to pick things up sans fretting about hurting your back is a big comfort for all the senior citizens out there.

To complete the exercise regimen, balance exercises should be integrated in your program. Statistics indicate that hospitals in the US have admitted at least 300,000 cases of seniors per annum. The primary cause of these accidents is due to falls that lead to broken hips for the victims. Balance exercises help you to attain stronger leg muscles to stop you from falling easily.

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