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Importance Of Good Posture

Date Added: November 14, 2007 12:16:25 PM
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Remember when you were young and your parents would bug you about sitting up. We should all thank them for trying to help us. Most of us are unaware the damage that can be done when we have bad posture. Even as adults we sometimes find ourselves falling into the trap of bad posture without even realizing it. It seems more comfortable to us to slouch down in our chairs than to sit upright for hours.

Poor posture can cause severe back pain and can damage the spinal structure. Lucky for us there are things we can do to make things right again.

It is important that you do not stay in one position for too long. If you have a desk job and are used to sitting for hours on end make it a routine to get up and walk if only for a couple minutes. Sitting down for so long can put pressure on your neck and back – but by moving you release the pressure. While sitting you want to evenly distribute your weight in your chair. Sit up straight in your chair and lean back every so often (with a straight back) to keep yourself from getting too tired.

Exercise is a great way to help promote good posture. Walking, swimming, and bicycling are the best forms of exercises that will help condition your body and will help the muscles in your back stay strong. Remember when walking and bicycling to keep your back straight – but not stiff.

Remember to keep good posture no matter what you are doing. I know sometimes when we are watching TV we can inadvertently slouch and not realize it till minutes later. Also remember that when you are lifting heavy objects you need to bend at the knees not the back. The key is to keep your back straight – but be relaxed while you do it. 

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