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Personal Trainer Certification Online

Date Added: August 17, 2009 07:59:44 PM
Author: robert
Category: Personal Training
Personal Training is traditionally a one-on-one fitness training program that helps a Client reach a particular fitness or health goal by establishing a mutual respectful relationship between a Professional Fitness Trainer (Personal Trainer) and a Client.

The Personal Trainer wears many hats and has many responsibilities to Clients as a counselor, motivator and innovator. The Personal Trainer is responsible for assessing the Client’s current health status, fitness level and assisting the Client with goal setting.

After assessing the Client and obtaining a good understanding of the Client’s individual goals, the Personal Trainer will create a fitness regimen that will assist the Client in reaching those goals and teach the Client proper exercise techniques.Clients should look for a Trainer who holds a current certification through a nationally recognized certifying agency and/or holds a degree in an exercise science related field of study.

Clients should also seek a Personal Trainer who has experience and success in helping others meet their specific individual goals. For example, Clients who desire assistance and guidance in weight loss should consult with a Personal Trainer who specializes in weight loss programs. On the other hand, Clients who want to improve athletic performance would be most suited with a Personal Trainer who specializes in sports-specific training.

FiTOUR® offers a wide variety of Educational Programs for Professional Fitness Trainers which include Primary& Advanced Personal Trainer, Senior Adult Fitness, Core & Functional Training, Stability Ball and Resistance Training. Personal Trainers can expand their knowledge and experience through other FiTOUR® Aquatic Fitness, Kickboxing, Indoor Cycling as well as Mind-Body activities such as Yoga and Pilates.
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