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Weight Loss Should Be Positive

Date Added: October 22, 2007 03:28:22 PM
Category: Weight Loss

Reducing the total body weight is normally done by the lessening of fluid from one’s body. It is also achieved through the lessening of body fats and lean mass. The reduction of body weight also occurs when bone minerals and other important body components like muscles and tendons are lost. This is not the kind of loss one should go for.

Body mass reduction is also normally called weight loss. In general, weight loss is only done when people are dissatisfied with their appearance physically, as they cannot fit into clothing sizes that are considered ideal in society. Some people also have health problems due to too much body weight, normally from fat, and thus need to reduce their weight.

There are a lot of weight loss programs available in the market. In fact the need to lose those extra pounds has been the cause of many huge corporations uprising. There have been many fad diets that have been popularized by Hollywood stars, and pills are now also popular in losing weight. The industry is always booming because the standardized beauty dictates that women should be quite thin and therefore eat less, this ethos is also projected towards men to an ever increasing degree.

What men and women do not know, or do not want to accept, is that such perfect standards are almost impossible to attain. The magazine covers and Hollywood posters are normally air brushed, to make sure that all imperfections and even the smallest of blemishes of the actresses are removed. This makes women feel like their body weight is totally out of their control, and health and happiness is easily thrown out of the window, to pursue stick thin bodies.

Weight loss should be positive, and not be obsessive. A good body weight is based on a person’s height and normal activities, and a big factor is also the lifestyle of that person. You should not believe the image that magazine cover girls and Hollywood actresses portray. Most of these women are unhealthy and probably unhappy too.  A thin and tiny body does not normally mean a healthy body, in fact this normally means the opposite. Asian women are generally thinner than other nationalities, and this is due to their genes and not fad diets. Asian people normally have healthy diets too, as they eat rice and natural meat, instead of burgers and chips. The latter contains unhealthy fats that contribute a great deal to the unwanted fats in your body.
Unintentional weight loss normally results from serious and chronic illnesses. A person who is diagnosed with a chronic illness may also have an unquenchable thirst and hunger, and even fatigue. An unhealthy accumulation of carbohydrates in one’s body causes the body to malfunction. Insulin is not produced normally, thus triggering more irregularities in one’s body.

So people should not idolize those people who are terribly thin. Do not jump on the bandwagon of unhealthy thin women. Imagine a 6 foot tall woman only weighing a mere 40 kilograms. You can be sure that she’s starving herself every day. Follow your doctor’s advice, not the magazines’.

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